Contractor Payroll Services

At Rubix, our payroll service integrates three crucial elements: a meticulous and dedicated candidate care program, state-of-the-art online systems, and a quality-assured finance team. 

Our candidate care approach starts from the first interaction and extends well beyond the termination of the candidate’s contract. Our local team provides expert support using integrated software solutions, offering a comprehensive outsourced payroll service. 

With our end-to-end payroll solution, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a dedicated account manager, innovative payroll software seamlessly integrated with your systems, and a flexible and precise payroll service tailored to your unique requirements. 

We are committed to delivering a cost-effective, secure, and compliant outsourcing service that aligns perfectly with your business needs. 

Our outsourcing service empowers your business to: 

  • Free up time for your employees to focus on core business activities. 
  • Save money on payroll costs by eliminating the need for dedicated staff and IT infrastructure. 
  • Minimise risks associated with compliance and legislation. 
  • Ensure secure and accurate payroll processing through robust and automated software. 
  • Manage pay for employees with complex pay conditions and contracts seamlessly. 
  • Receive personalised service with a dedicated account manager. 
  • Access flexible reporting options 
  • Maintain control over approval points before critical transactions are processed.