Recruitment Services

Contract Recruitment:

As a versatile solution for workforce needs, our contract recruitment services allow you to acquire specific ICT skills for projects, supplement your permanent staff during peak workloads, or serve as an alternative when permanent hires aren’t feasible.

Rubix boasts one of Australia’s largest candidate networks, comprising top-tier talent covering a wide spectrum of specialisations, skill levels, and expertise. Whatever your requirements, we can provide the right individual or team to meet them. What sets us apart is our adaptability: as the demands of your ICT project or workload fluctuate, so do our services.

We can swiftly scale up or down to meet dynamic needs, ensuring you have skilled ICT professionals precisely when you need them to propel your project forward. Our IT Contract Recruitment services include:

Access to one of the country’s largest IT candidate databases.

Dedicated Contractor Care Team and Account Managers.

Streamlined online timesheet approvals.

Management of contractor inductions and onboarding.

Efficient payroll and administrative support.

Security screenings as needed.

Permanent Recruitment:  

Finding and securing the right talent has never been more challenging. With escalating skill shortages and intense competition for talent, partnering with a specialist ICT resourcing company is essential. Luckily, you’ve found Rubix Solutions.  

As the demand for skilled ICT resources rises, Rubix stands as the country’s premier resourcing company. Trust us to help you navigate these challenges and minimise the risk of hiring the wrong candidate.  

Our extensive database of ICT professionals, vast industry networks, innovative talent attraction strategies, and rigorous screening and selection process ensure you receive only the best. And by “best,” we mean individuals who not only meet all prerequisites but also align with your organisational culture. With Rubix, our permanent recruitment services offer: 

    • Comprehensive screening and interview processes, including psychometric, technical, and personality assessments. 
    • A significantly higher likelihood of securing the right candidate on the first attempt. 
    • The opportunity for you to focus on core business activities while we handle resource-intensive recruitment tasks. 
    • Access to a wide range of IT specialist roles. 
    • Reduced time-to-hire, ensuring swift acquisition of top talent.