Are you paying your employees enough? Rubix Technology Salary Survey

Are you paying enough to attract and retain great employees?

A recent report found that Australia needs an extra 81,000 IT specialists by 2022. The problem is, only around 4,000 graduates come into the market each year leaving the industry significantly under resourced.

This ultimately means that great employees are in high demand and are commanding increasingly high salaries. Subsequently, the skills required to keep-up with the shift in technology are in extremely short supply.

Demand for tech talent will continue to outpace supply throughout 2019, with the skills required to keep-up with the shift in technology in extremely short supply. This increased demand for specialist talent is having a significant impact on salaries within the tech sector, driving a continued increase across the board.

This is being compounded by a misalignment between what employers are willing to pay and what candidates view as the market rate. Being aware of the current market rates when hiring is vital to your success as you want to make sure you are offering a competitive salary from the outset to attract the best talent.

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