NBN Rollout: To find out if the NBN network is available at your home or business.

The 18 Month Window

Last week, NBN’s official Twitter page revealed their aim to be almost built by mid 2017. In light of this news, we decided to put together an April update.

It’s no secret that once the NBN arrives in your area, you have 18 months to make the switch. However, despite providers such as Telstra and TPG bombarding home owners with their direct marketing, it’s been reported that thousands of Australians have been cut off after failing to update their network in the given time.

According to statistics released by consumer comparison website Finder.com.au, half a million Australians have so far had their internet and home phone disconnected with no warning. However, NBN Co have strongly refuted this figure, claiming that only 900,000 premises have reached the end of the 18-month time slot, 45,000 of which choosing not to switch.

As the rollout continues, NBN Co. are aiming for 50 per cent of the 11.9 million planned premises to be eligible for the switch by mid 2017.

To find out if the NBN network is available at your home or business, click here.

Trial wireless tests in Ballarat

The NBN trialled new technology in Ballarat which is said to allow for download speeds of up to one gigabit per second.

Although the NBN made it clear this speed was for trial purposes only, it does give an insight into possible future capacity. The demonstration was achieved by fusing spectrums, using Fixed Wireless technology partners Ericsson and NetComm Wireless and Qualcomm.

“What we were using was some of the latest technology we have in place, called carrier aggregation technology,” head of Wireless, Roy Brown, said.

“It means we take a lot more spectrum than we currently use and develop a custom unit at somebody’s house that can decode that greater spectrum.

“We aggregated 11 carriers together, a carrier is 20 mega herz of spectrum, that is what is usually used for our current fixed wireless service.

“We’re investing in the technology to be able to take them into the future”.

NBN takes home 2017 IABC Gold Quill award

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) awarded NBN a Gold Quill for a story shared with their employees around the difference their Sky Muster™ satellite service is making to the lives of regional, rural and remote Australians.

“We hit the road with one of our satellite dish-equipped ‘Road Muster’ trucks for a week in the Alpine region of Victoria to provide a fly on the wall perspective of how our Community Affairs teams are engaging with the very people this service will benefit the most.

“We captured their reactions, questions, disappointment, delight and personal stories – warts and all.

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